UNIX Survival Guide

Rafael Ostertag

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This article should help the non-UNIX savvy computer user to get along with an UNIX operating system. It mainly focuses on how to use the command line. Details not concerning the casual user have been omitted. It should be suited for Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux systems.

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Table of Contents

1. Typographical Conventions
2. The Terminal
2.1. The Shell
3. Users
3.1. User related Commands
4. Commands
4.1. Piping
4.2. Man Pages
4.3. Pagers
5. The File System
5.1. The Home Directory
5.2. The ls Command
5.3. File and Directory Commands
5.4. File and Directory Permissions
5.5. Special Stuff
6. Processes
6.1. Terminating Processes
6.2. Job Control
7. Miscellaneous
7.1. Reading Text Files
7.2. Editing Text Files
7.3. Printing
7.4. Search for Text in Files
7.5. File Manager
8. Command Glossary
9. References
9.1. FreeBSD
9.2. Sun Solaris
9.3. Linux
9.4. Miscellaneous
A. X Window System
B. GNU Free Documentation License