Software News

YAPET 1.1 Released [2018-02-12]
YAPET 1.1 fixes compilation issues with GCC 6+ and OpenSSL.
YAPET 1.0 Released [2014-02-24]
Released YAPET 1.0 featuring a new user interface. See the NEWS file for more information.
agentsmith 0.2 Released [2011-04-09]
New features are IP address exclusion and exchange of host information between remote agentsmith instances.
YAPET 0.8 Preview 2 Released [2010-01-02]
Released a preview for YAPET 0.8.
YAPET 0.7 Debian Packages [2010-11-11]
Unofficial Debian packages for YAPET 0.7 (i386/amd64) released.
YAPET: Grave Security Bug discovered [2010-09-24]
A grave security bug has been discovered in YAPET on Solaris
YAPET 0.7 Solaris Package [2010-09-22]
YAPET 0.7 Package for Solaris has been released.
YAPET 0.7 released [2010-09-19]
YAPET 0.7 with bug fixes and new features released.
agentsmith [2010-06-17]
New Software: A daemon that continuously monitors a log file for break-in attempts by remote hosts.
YAPET 0.6 Packages Released [2009-09-04]
Following YAPET 0.6 packages have been released: Solaris 10 i386, OpenSolaris, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, and openSUSE.
YAPET 0.6 released [2009-09-04]
A serious bug preventing the exchange of YAPET files between different processor architectures has been fixed in YAPET 0.6 (Bug #18).
YAPET 0.5 RPM Packages Released [2009-08-24]
YAPET 0.5 available as RPM Package for CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, and openSUSE.
YAPET 0.5 DEB Package Released [2009-08-23]
YAPET 0.5 available as DEB Package.
YAPET 0.5 for OpenSolaris Released [2009-08-23]
YAPET 0.5 available in OpenSolaris IPS repository.
YAPET 0.5 Released [2009-08-23]
YAPET 0.5 released. New features include built-in password generator and bug fixes.
YAPET IPS Package [2009-07-27]
YAPET 0.4 made it finally into the IPS repository for OpenSolaris.
New RPM YAPET Packages [2009-07-26]
Added YAPET RPM Packages for the current releases of CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, and openSUSE.
First YAPET RPM Package [2009-07-23]
First YAPET RPM package released.
YAPET Solaris Packages Released [2009-07-22]
YAPET Solaris packages including bug fixes #3, #6, and #7 released.
Debian YAPET Packages Released [2009-07-20]
Debian YAPET package released
Patches for YAPET Released [2009-07-19]
Patches for YAPET 0.4 fixing bugs #3, #6, and #7 released.
YAPET 0.4 Released [2009-07-12]
YAPET 0.4 with new features and CSV to YAPET conversion tool released.
YAPET 0.3a Released [2009-06-12]
YAPET 0.3a released
YAPET 0.3 Released [2009-04-13]
YAPET 0.3 released
Software update [2008-07-20]
YAPET 0.2 released
New Software YAPET Released [2008-02-28]
New Software YAPET added
WebStorage Updated to 1.1 [2008-01-03]
WebStorage 1.1 released
WebStorage Utility JWebStorage 1.0 Released [2008-01-02]
JWebStorage 1.0 released
WebStorage Updated to 0.2 [2007-12-28]
WebStorage 0.2 released
Webstorage Complete Makeover [2007-12-25]
Complete makeover of WebStorage available for download
New WebStorage Utility JWebStorage Released [2007-12-09]
New software JWebStorage available for download
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