Find here patches that did not make it into the releases of YAPET so far.


Fixes bug #46 allowing to by-pass lock screen on Solaris. get it


Fixes bug #26 preventing compiling YAPET using gcc 4.4. get it

Fixes bug #33 preventing compiling YAPET using gcc 4.5. This patch should be applied together with patch above for bug #26. get it


Switches the default RNG Engine from /dev/random to /dev/urandom for the password generator. get it


Fix the bug preventing csv2yapet to convert CSV fields containing a field delimiter in the values. See also get it

File suffix can be ommited in config file ~/.yapet. See also get it

Enable case-insensitive search even with strcasestr() not available. See also get it

Enable VI keys for movement in password record list. See also get it

YAPET 0.3/0.3a

Enable dialog boxes to be closed by pressing <ESCAPE> get it


Fixes build with gcc 4.3 or later get it

Fixes display of cursor and the backspace behavior get it

Applying the Patches

In order to apply the patches downloaded here to YAPET, do the following

  1. download the patch to the directory where you unpacked the corresponding YAPET source release.
  2. open a terminal and change to the directory where your YAPET source release is located
  3. enter the command
    patch -p1 < <filename>
    where <filename> is the name of the patch you downloaded.
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